This is actually your startup! Our success is yours as well! 

Join us if you:

  • are looking for investors to realize your ideas or to start a business.
  • would like to help people and make a profit as well.

A group of people with a little budget and a small purse would be able to realize a big project!!

Our Goal:

1- Creating a business angel (investor)  as a community to help starter and to give creative members the opportunity to realize their ideas, including fair profit sharing and to create a better financial situation for poor families!

2- Creating a vibrant community of “Founders and Creators“ working together and helping each other to bring wonderful things to life.

3- Foundation of a free online school and university for everybody.


Participate in the startup of the Bismillah Startup become a “Little Business Angel” by buying only one of our products now!

80% of the profit of our future company goes to helping people and to fight against poorness in the world forever!

⇒ Non-smoking energy saving multifunctional electric grill

This would be our first product. With the time we will produce several products, for example, free energy devices or enviro-friendly vehicles etc.!

Become a member by purchasing a smoke-free energy-saving electric multifunction grill:

Up to 10 years  profit sharing

1- By buying a multifunctional grill for 299€, you will be participating in my all projects as well without further investing!

you receive:

  • A non-smoking multifunctional electric grill (delivered up to 3 months)

Provided that our project is successfully financed and as soon as our future company is entering the profit phase, you will also receive:

  •  A share of the profit from marketing all of products and inventions of Little Business Angels Group without further investment, the profit sharing lasting for at least 5 years!
  • A free Energy -230V Power Generator
  • your money back.
  •  Support for your own startup and business ideas  (with profit sharing)

With this device, you can prepare nearly anything smoke-free and energy-saving.

  • You receive your product at the latest within two to three months with a two-year warranty.
  • After the sufficient number of orders and members has been reached (at least 1000 pieces!), We can found our company.
  • You will receive regular news from us about the income from the annual marketing of our products.
  • As soon as our company enters into the profit phase, you get your profit share. We will then be able to start your own projects, also with profit sharing!

⇒ Future products and projects of the Little Business Angels Group:

⇒ Production of free Energy -230V Power Generators – With this device, you will save money forever.


Join us now!


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